Yoga at Home


You may have been wishing for a way to practice yoga with your teacher wherever and whenever it works for you, as many of us now have complicated and busy schedules that change from week to week.

Now, as a teacher, I have a reliable way to distribute my classes to you in a way that meets this wish.

Learn with me here: Please insert the code 12491 to connect with me as my student. Audible Yoga won’t replace live studio classes or retreats, but it will allow you to practice more often, with me (and other teachers), when I’m not teaching a public class.

And, if you download the class first, an Internet connection is not needed.

WiFi free viewing!

Ultimately, believe you want to unplug, go inside, and practice by listening. They also believe yoga teachers are up to the challenge of giving more yoga to their students!

As I always say, ‘it is your daily practice where the magic happens!’

Plans and Pricing