Ayurvedic medicine was developed in India over 3000 years ago and is the oldest medical system to have survived until the present time. It sees each individual as having a unique mind-body constitution and set of life circumstances. It is similar to traditional Chinese medicine in believing that the quality of the whole body (dry, heat, cold, etc) can be balanced with their opposites. Treatment in an Ayurvedic system is holistic, involving natural home remedies, Yoga, massage, diet and the regulation of lifestyle. 

Prakrti means ‘nature’. The nature of our bodies can be shown via careful questioning and observation by a trained practitioner. To ascertain general qualities of the body via a simple questionnaire, please click below:

prakrti questionnaire

Why know your Prakrti? 

Knowing that we have an entirely individual body type allows us to start to be sensitive to this. My friend, Gwenda, put it beautifully when in the midst of my attempt to explain Ayurvedic body-typing to her she said ‘OH! You mean we’re like plants….some need lots of light and some die when they are put in the sun; some need lots of water and others drown if you over water them even once; some need to be outside and some won’t do anything unless they are inside – warm and cosy; some need certain minerals in the soil and others need different ones; some thrive in Arctic conditions and others in the desert; and each grows with a shape that helps them cope in their environment and with their particular needs’ YES! That’s it exactly! Gwenda you are inspired! It is easy to think of plants in this way but we seem to struggle with this view of ourselves…. but why on earth would we all be the same? Academic views seem to want us ALL to need ‘this’ much calcium, ‘these’ number of calories, ‘this’ level of blood pressure/cholesterol/bone density and if we want to lose weight, why then we should all eat a particular number of calories. This idea of ourselves couldn’t be further from the truth! 

Vkrti means ‘against nature’. The movement away from our Prakrti/Nature/Body-type is Vkrti. The current qualities of our bodies and minds shows any imbalance in their natural quantity. These questionnaires can give us a starting point regarding any imbalance of dosha.

vata vkrti

pitta vkrti

kapha vkrti

Ama means ‘undigested’ and pertains to the qualitiy of your digestion. The first question we should ask when assessing the health of the body is ‘Is ama present?’. Take this simple questionnaire to assess the presentation of ama within your body.

ama questionnaire