Could you do with the healing powers of Savasana in your home yoga practice routines?

During the winter the digestive power of a human being possessing good health and strength is enhanced due to the external cold and how it restrains the heat inside the body and does not let it out. The internal heat increases the digestion making it stronger so it is capable of digesting any food substance irrespectively of its heaviness and the quantity ingested. If you do not feed this strong digestion and it does not get the proper fuel, the digestive fire affects the nutritive fluids of the body, the digestive fire consumes the tissues of the body and this will cause vata to be aggravated. 

CS.SU.6:9 – 18 (with translation)

The difference between early winter and late winter is that the late winter is more drying. The remedial recommendation in Late Winter is to feed the digestive power well and counteract dryness.

In Ayurveda, Savasana (Corpse) for 5-30 minutes can be a ‘power pose’ to counteract the Winter dryness. But it is also a pose that can be used to balance symptoms of ‘dry’ lung and chest; decreased ‘dry’ hormones (low); difficult urination and low libido. If you recognise these symptoms in yourself, then using Savasana and the power points (marma) of Savasana could be for you.

According to Feuerstein, Savasana is a pose that symbolises inner stillness with high energy, thus perfectly symbolizing the essence of yoga. ‘We come into this world with empty hands, and we must leave with empty hands. Being conscious of death in a yogic way does not turn us into curmudgeons, but instead allows us to live every moment in freedom and joy’ – — Alanna Kaivalya, Myths of the Asanas.


Could you do with the healing powers of savasana in your home yoga practice routines?

To work with Savasana and it’s related poses and points we should first locate the main marma (acupressure) points of this pose and learn how to work with them via savasana, other poses and breath work

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Here’s a short home practice:

Locate Kakshadhara marma on the sleeve of both arms between the pecs and the deltoids (see photo)

—Shrug the shoulders up and down and you will feel a contraction and release through this area. As you do this let the breath pull in and out as in bhastrika/bellows breath. Do this for 12 rounds. Stop and lie down. Do two more rounds of 12 and lie down in between to rest this marma point. If you feel dizzy, discomfort or you suffer from high blood pressure, previous heart problems or any condition where excess pressure in the eye is contraindicated, please use shalabhasana (locust pose) and shishosana (puppy pose) instead, concentrating on opening and releasing this point and then resting this point using the two poses.

Locate Bhaga marma point which is the pubic bone.

—Rest the low back onto a rolled up blanket and rest your legs against the wall (see photo). Concentrate on dropping the pubic bone breath by breath. When you feel the release turn yourself around and roll the blanket up under the knees and lie down in Savasana.

Take 15 minutes Savasana