We are all a blend of the governing principles of the body – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. When I was practicing candle gazing the other night, it occurred to me; We can liken Kapha to the potential energy in a candle – the wax; Pitta as that which transforms potential energy via the wick and fire; Vata the space that allows both Pitta and Kapha to be but also the wind/bellows that fuels the fire and creates movement of the flame. We have all three within our bodies but one or two of the three usually dominate. Are you mostly Kapha/wax, Pitta/fire or Vata/space? If you are Kapha, and healthy, you always have reserve energy. If you’re Pitta, and healthy, you burn bright and hot. If you’re Vata, and healthy, you create and give others space. If you have an imbalance (too much/too little) Kapha, you may feel blocked/stuck or feel your energy ebbing away. If you have an imbalance of Pitta you may find you burn away your energy or you find the fire in your belly (digestive fire) going out. If you have Vata imbalance you may find the digestive fire erratic or even blown out completely or feel your energy is unavailable for you to use.