One to one sessions are perfect for those who are busy, those who would like to explore a remedial practice (to support recovery from illness or injury), those that need an adapted and modified version of what is found in most group yoga classes and those that would like to set up a regular, specifically designed for you, daily home yoga practice.

Seasonal One to One Ayurvedic Yoga (YogaVeda) is a great way to develop an all year round home yoga practice. Each season the body develops particular strengths and can potentially increase particular weaknesses. With a seasonal practice you will learn movements, breathwork, lifestyle changes, dietary changes and self massage that will help to accumulate energy season after season. This practice is also well suited as a yoga therapy/for bringing improvement to those suffering from health issues.

As long as you have space and privacy, one to one sessions are possible in the comfort of your own home*. The session can be booked at a time that is convenient to you. The first session consists of consultation and assessment. Subsequent sessions are 1 1/2 hours including time for review, recommendations and a 1 hour assisted yoga session. The price for the first and subsequent classes is £65.

If you prefer to work in a local rented venue, the cost is £65 plus venue rental charges.

Limited One to One sessions are available from my home. Please email to enquire if there are any bookings available the week that you would like. The cost is £40 for the first session and for subsequent appointments. If you are flexible with your schedule, you can ask to go on the cancellation list and fill cancelled appointments or empty appointment times at £30 per hour once you have had your first consultation appointment.


If your group are looking to book a class or set up a corporate booking, please contact for more information.

All prices on request

*Currently, only areas that are local to Morecambe and Lancaster are available for 121